New River Boulder Bounty Boulder Competition

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Date(s) - 11/01/17 - 11/30/17
12:00 am

New River Gorge


In case you have been living  under a ROCK and you have missed the big news its time for the New River Bouldering Bounty. The New River Boulder Bounty is a month-long climbing competition, in which competitors vie for the first ascents of eight never-been-climbed boulder problems—for cash. These are world-class unclimbed lines drawing world-class competitors. Some are extremely hard. Some blur the lines between a boulder problem and rock climb. Some are both. The minimum bounty posted is $500, and the max (as of now) is $1200, with a total of $7600 dollars in bounties up for grabs.

Information New River Alliance of Climbers:

New River Boulder Bounty Rules, Information and Life Advice

This is a pretty freeform event, but here are a few rules to help keep things fair for competitors and event sponsors.
1. You are totally, completely, thoroughly, 100% responsible for understanding these rules. But we’re here for you! If you have questions about any of them, please text one of the organizers:
Zak: 304-719-5314
Micah: 720-496-8798
Eric: 717-965-5229
2. YOU ARE TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, THOROUGHLY, 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. WHY? BECAUSE THIS IS ROCK CLIMBING, AND YOU ARE ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. If you cannot accept that responsibility, please, for the love of God, go do something else. We recommend pads and spotters for all the problems, especially the highballs. If you’re here solo, don’t hesitate to head to Water Stone Outdoors, and ask if they know where other competitors are. Or text Zak, Micah or Eric, and we’ll try to find a group for you to climb with. That group, by the way, is also NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY. If there is a specific project you want to try and you’re having trouble getting other competitors to go there let us know. There are a lot of friendly local climbers and I’m sure we can round up some folks to head out with you. And of course, those local climbers are also NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY.
3. The New River Boulder Bounty begins at 12:00 am November 1, 2017 and ends at 12:00 am December 1, 2017. You are welcome to come try projects for as short or as long a time as you want during that time period. Approximate grades run from V11-V14. We will not officially release the locations of bountied boulder problems until October 31, 2017, but we know it’s possible that those locations might leak out in advance. If you learn the identity of any of the bountied problems before the competition begins, we trust you to not work them until November 1. If we find out that you cheated by trying any of those problems before November 1, we will disqualify you from collecting the bounty on those problems. If you have previously attempted any of these before today, don’t worry; we won’t count that against you.
4. You must be a registered competitor to claim bounties.
5. You must post to your Facebook and/or Instagram at least once on each day you spend trying a bountied project. This may seem odd, but this event is almost entirely social media driven. If you don’t use FB and Instagram, other social media, please contact us to arrange other tags. Promising our gracious sponsors that this event would get copious online attention is how we were able to raise the money for bounties, so if you want the chance to win more money by sending amazing projects again next year, please post every day. When you post, you must tag our pages and the page of each problem’s sponsor(s). The list of tags will be provided to you when we make the projects public.
6. You must climb the problem as described with the correct start holds and finish. These problems are relatively pure, so you will mostly just have to worry about the proper start holds.
7. If you send a project, shoot the organizers a text immediately. We will consider the time-stamp on your text to be the primary proof of the time you sent, so if someone else sends it later the next day there will be no question about who topped out first. We will keep NRAC’s Facebook and Instagram pages up to date when problems fall and bounties are claimed.
8. To prove a send we require uncut footage and the right to use it to promote the New River Alliance of Climbers—and the right to assign similar limited copyrights to competition sponsors. YOUR REGISTRATION IN THIS COMPETITION IS YOUR AGREEMENT TO THIS. We’re going to want to post that sick footage and perhaps use it in a longer edit at some point. Seeking those cooler night time send temps is allowed, but you must make sure we can clearly see that you did the project correctly. If you’re climbing by yourself or in your own group, the burden lies on you to capture footage. If you are out with an event organizer, and they tell you they’ve got you covered then that is acceptable.
9. Be respectful of other competitors! If you are working a project with a group of other competitors, get a rotation going so everyone gets a fair shot. Don’t cut the rotation unless the next competitor up gives you permission. In other words, don’t be a dick. We reserve the right to disqualify you from collecting bounties for being a dick.
10. LEAVE NO TRACE. There will likely be a lot of large groups out climbing during the event and that makes it extra hard to keep the forest tidy. Projects are located on either National Park Service or private property. Leave No Trace is vital to maintaining a good relationship with land managers so, SERIOUSLY, leave no trace.
11. Alright, that might seem like a lot, but it’s actually pretty simple:
A. You’re responsible for your own safety.
B. Climb projects, post about it and come back with video proof of sends—or don’t come back.
C. Be respectful of others and leave no trace.
D. Claim bounties and have fun!