Fayetteville: Meet The Artist- Adam Mathews


The Fayetteville “Meet the Artist” is our new series celebrating the growing art scene by highlighting local artists and the diversity of art you can find in Fayetteville. This month we are highlighting emerging artist, Adam Mathews. Mathews creates vibrant acrylic paintings using a drip technique that creates texture adding to the works appeal bringing form to life from the abstract.
I asked Mathews how long he has been creating art and without hesitation, he said since he was four. He would wake up and draw every morning before school watching Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station. Mathews has continued to nourish his love for art.

Mathews is a local,  born and raised in Fayetteville, he left for a while craving a life in the city. At one point that’s what he wanted in life, but it was chaotic and he said he wasn’t a fan of all the traffic. Mathews came back to Fayetteville and enjoys living and creating in a place where life is simple and calm.
Mathews said he is inspired by the abyss, “what does nothing look like? In that darkness an image grows in my head”… when he can’t think to draw he said, “All of nothing is something.” That leads to inspiration.

Mathews primarily uses acrylic paint, and also likes to create with black ink. He has created graphics for several bands, like Black Garlic. Mathews describes his work as Chaotic Surrealism.
When he isn’t making art you can find him out playing disc golf, reading, or hiking. Mathew says he likes to stay boring on purpose to be creative. Mathews says, “Art isn’t about that lightning strike that everyone thinks it is. It is more discipline. I am going to do this every day or as much as I can.”

Mathews says the creativity is here in droves, but there are not enough outlets for it. He said he would not have the success he has without places like The Grove supporting local art.
If you want to check out Adam Mathews latest series ” Omissions” The Grove will be hosting an artist’s reception for him tonight, Thursday, October 4th from 7 pm to 9 pm. Come out and meet the artist, view his work, and you can enter to win an original piece. Adam Mathews is The Groves featured artist for the month of October. His work will be on display and available for purchase all month.


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