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West Virginia’s Free Fishing Weekend is June 10-11th. During this weekend residents and nonresidents can fish in West Virginia free without a license! West Virginia’s Free Fishing Weekend is part of National Fishing and Boating Week. It is the perfect weekend to plan a visit to Fayetteville where we are surrounded by great fishing areas. We talked with Bobby Bower from Pro River Outfitters. Bower is a known fish whisperer and expert guide in the area and he shared the best spots to hit  up this weekend. Bower said some great family friendly near by spots are Boley Lake , Plum Orchard Lake, and Summersville Lake. Boley Lake at Babcock State Park was stocked with catfish gearing up for this weekend.  With the rain winding down the conditions have also improved on the New and Gauley Rivers.  Trout season has come to an end for stocking, but small mouth  fishing is just getting fired up!  Bower said, ” The New River views and water quality are just second to none and it’s a great river to fish.” West Virginia’s Free Fishing Weekend is  a great opportunity  to dive into fishing for the first time. If you already have your license it’s a great excuse to introduce someone to the sport. They might get hooked!

Photo: Devin Schamp

We also spoke with another avid angler, Devin Schamp who prefers small streams for trout fishing. He said Fayetteville is surrounded by great streams that provide lots of trout fishing opportunities in a picturesque setting. He enjoys Glade Creek of Mann Creek close by.  Schamp said, ” Fayette County has streams that sustain trout year round; giving anglers the opportunity to catch ”wild trout. Fishing or not, the beauty of the Fayetteville area and the array of outdoor activities it offers attracts me.”

Photo: Devin Schamp

If you’re looking for guided tours Fayetteville is also home to several companies that offer them. If you strike out on the river,  or you still want a taste of the action, you can always just come by town and enjoy some delicious pan seared local Rainbow trout at The Station.

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