Raw & Juicy Bar Fayetteville WV

Get fueled up for a day of adventure at Fayetteville’s new Raw & Juicy Bar! Located in Historic downtown Fayetteville in the loft of Cathedral Café.  The Raw and Juicy Bar offers fresh juices, innovative smoothies, and fresh gluten free baked goods.

(Cassidy Bayes owner of the Raw & Juicy Bar on the left)

Cassidy Bayes is the young entrepreneur who had the vision to start up the Raw & Juicy Bar. Bayes was inspired after stopping for a juice at a quaint little coffee shop at the bottom of Snowshoe Mountain. She loved the shop’s positive atmosphere and relaxing vibe. Bayes knew there was a need for a healthy spot in Fayetteville and it did not take her long to start pursuing her vision to open the Raw & Juicy Bar. Bayes also wanted to create a place that could serve people who live a vegan or gluten free lifestyle.  “Fayetteville is full of health conscious people. We all love the outdoors, personal well-being, and environmental well-being. It only seemed right that Fayetteville had a place like this”, said Bayes.Bayes has created a cozy, chill, hang out nook overlooking Cathedral Café. Art covers the walls and you will find yourself surrounded by draping plants, and succulent lined tables with a big cozy couch.  She has created the perfect place to escape the grind and relax while enjoying a delicious fresh smoothie.

(Monica Hambrick enjoying a smoothie)

Bayes is passionate about juicing and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The smoothies and juices are sourced with fresh ingredients from local farms.  She has partnered with WV Homegrown Farms in Hico, and Deep Mountain Farm in Beckwith.  The farms are supplying her with most of her veggies, and herbs. Bayes is looking forward to connecting with more farms in the future. In between harvests she buys her supplies all organic from the local grocery store.  Stop by and try one of her delicious fruity concoctions of juices, smoothies, and smoothie bowls.  “Our main goal is to bring a positive environment to help guide people to making better, healthier decisions. We want to show everyone how easy it is to eat these healthy organic, homegrown options and that by doing this it naturally pushes out the bad! Overall, our juice bar is not an intimidating place. We can help people who are veterans in juicing and people who are just starting out!” said Bayes.